Stephanie the Gnome with Rose Tinted Glasses Sangiovese Shiraz 2017

The Story Behind The Name

Our mate, Stephanie the Gnome, is not too fussed about his funny name! A jolly little fellow, after a few sips he sees life through rosé coloured glasses. Stephanie is also comforted by the fact he is named after Savigny-lés-Beaune in Burgundy, a region famous for Pinot Noir, which was the main grape variety in the initial release of this wine.

The Characteristics

Rose petal pink and pretty as a picture but don't be fooled by the simple colour of this wine, this is no ordinary rose. Already the blend of varieties, Sangiovese and Shiraz, is somewhat unique, but add to that the extra dimension of aroma and flavour garnered from the carbonic maceration of the Shiraz (berries and bunches are kept whole and immersed in carbon dioxide producing a dramatically different style of ferment) and suddenly you start to grasp what sets this wine apart. Wild strawberry, honeydew melon, a herbal twinge and a lovely bubble-gum aroma set up the nose. The wine is light on its feet, delicately dancing across your palate. More red fruited flavours abound, perhaps even a hint of toffee apple. These moreish flavours are supported by a finely tuned acidity that adds mouth-watering vibrancy. Unashamedly drinkable even with its subtle quirks. The 2017 Stephanie the Gnome demands drinking at its youthful best.

$108 per 6 Pack
$18 per Bottle
Stephanie the Gnome with Rose Tinted Glasses Sangiovese Shiraz  2017
Artist: CJ Rhodes
Artist: CJ Rhodes
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