The Dry Dam Riesling 2017

The Story Behind The Name

In 1992 our neighbours built a dam that remained empty, as it was a dry winter. The next year it rained but the dam was jinxed and didn't hold water. A dry dam is bad news for our neighbouring farmers, but promises good results for our old, dry-grown, low-yielding vines.

The Characteristics

There was a sense of excitement amongst the winemakers as the fruit for the Dry Dam Riesling started rolling in during the early stages of vintage. The cooler ripening conditions were favourable for producing white wines of elegance, finesse and tenacity. We have just crept into July and that buzz seems well justified. Somehow, the 2017 edition of the Dry Dam appears to have settled quicker than most. Any ferment characters have hastily dissipated revealing a sparklingly clean and aromatic bouquet. Teeming with white flowers and granny smith, backed by a lovely core of lemon and lime. The sweetness on the palate is tempered by a sustained seam of perfectly pitched acidity. A sherbet like note is typical of classic Riesling years in McLaren Vale and is unmistakeable in this wine. Not a hint of metallic hardness, the mouthfeel is so refined and balanced and truly has settled into itself in record time. Enjoy the heady yet delicate personality of this wine in youth or confidently cellar it, knowing, with time it promises even greater range and refinement.

$108 per Case
$18 per Bottle
The Dry Dam Riesling 2017
Artist: Vince O'Farrell
Artist: Vince O'Farrell
per case (6 pack)
per bottle
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