The Galvo Garage Cabernet Blend 2013

The Story Behind The Name

'Garage wines' is a term used to describe wines that are produced in the back sheds of Bordeaux winemakers, who make small batch wines of the highest quality. Our galvanized, corrugated 'garage' was built in 1927 and still houses the traditional equipment used in the handcrafting of this wine.

The Characteristics

The 2013 Galvo Garage is impressively muscular whilst still being able to purvey nuance. This is both a function of the year, of which the hallmark was big but balanced reds, and the multi varietal blend of this wine. The aromas and flavours upon opening the bottle appear brooding and savoury. Lots of cedar, mushroom, nutmeg and baked capsicum. Over time a second wave of more fruity characters emerge matched with a distinctly bright, fresh acidity, rhubarb, pomegranate and raspberry. The mid palate has a rich, juiciness about it evoking images of plums and creme de cassis. Classic chalky Cabernet tannins grip early and thrust through the entire palate keeping check on the roundness of the fruit. Powerful yet balanced with a whole lot of cellaring potential.

$174 per Case
$29 per Bottle
The Galvo Garage Cabernet Blend 2013
Artist: Michael Atchison
Artist: Michael Atchison
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per bottle
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