The Dry Dam Riesling 2010 - Museum Release

The Story Behind The Name

In 1992 our neighbours built a dam that remained empty, as it was a dry winter. The next year it rained but the dam was jinxed and didn't hold water. A dry dam is bad news for our neighbouring farmers, but promises good results for our old, dry-grown, low-yielding vines.

The Characteristics

This museum release has busted through its awkward adolescence and is entering a phase of optimal maturity. The lemon and lime sherbet notes of youth are gently retreating allowing the deliciously mature, toasty, flinty characters of aged Riesling to emerge. Acid and sweetness continue to play a roll in equal measure, on the one hand countering each other, but at the same time ensuring generous mouthfeel with freshness and length. Sealed under screwcap and cellared in d'Arenberg's own pristine, climate controlled warehousing, every effort has been made to ensure this wine reaches your glass in the condition the winemaker would expect. The Dry Dam is a wine of great pedigree and the 2010 is certain to please both the avid fan and the most particular of new comers.

$180 per Case
$30 per Bottle
The Dry Dam Riesling 2010 - Museum Release
Artist: Vince O'Farrell
Artist: Vince O'Farrell
per case (6 pack)
per bottle
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