The Bonsai Vine Grenache Shiraz Mourvèdre 2014

The Story Behind The Name

These old, dry grown bush vines grow in shallow soils on hard rock, requiring hand pruning to keep producing berries in this harsh environment. The vines are very small for their age, their tiny shoots giving them a bonsai appearance.

The Characteristics

At first glance the wine appears dark and brooding, full of tarry and ferrous notes, black clay and a slight sootiness. With air things start to brighten up as the true fruitiness of the wine reveals itself. Now we are met with mixed forest berries and all manner of spice. A hint of development is evidenced through a slight dried fruit character sitting discreetly in the background. The palate has a genuinely punchy attack, almost graphite like and as a result looks very fresh. As we wind along the generosity of the fruit brings roundness to the mouthfeel. Tannins add dryness but they are reasonable supple and compliment the juicy mid palate fruits perfectly.

$148 per 6 Pack
$29 per Bottle
The Bonsai Vine Grenache Shiraz Mourvèdre 2014
Artist: Michelle Commandeur
Artist: Michelle Commandeur
per 6 pack
per bottle
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