The Anthropocene Epoch Mencia 2016

The Story Behind The Name

The evidence of humanity's impact on the planet is so overwhelming, experts have recommended the declaration of a new geological time, the Anthropocene Epoch. Starting from 1950, this new age is defined by nuclear tests, plastic pollution and carbon dioxide emissions. Investing in many projects with environmental benefits, d'Arenberg actively seeks to reduce our carbon footprint on the earth.

The Characteristics

A super aromatic wine displaying an attractive concoction of flowery aromas, strawberry, raspberry, cherry ripe and pomegranate, finished with a dusting of finely ground white pepper that endures  
from the first sniff through to the last taste in the mouth. Charming medium weight and fine chalky tannins enable this wine to be drunk well in its youth, thus ensuring one can capture it in its prime, taking full advantage of all of those fresh, pretty aromas and flavours. 

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$174 per Case
$29 per Bottle
The Anthropocene Epoch Mencia 2016
Artist: Leigh Rigozzi
Artist: Leigh Rigozzi
per case (6 pack)
per bottle
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