The Noble Prankster Chardonnay Semillon Viognier 2015

The Story Behind The Name

Ever the prankster, Chester delights in stepping outside the usual varieties and creating unique wine blends. Although Chardonnay is not traditionally used in dessert wine, it has been made exceedingly well by a handful of some of the world's great producers.

The Characteristics

Lemons, limes and bruised oranges escorted by the exotic spice and complexity of botrytis on the nose. Although opulent, the mouthfeel is surprisingly lithe and lively, owing to the fine line of acidity running through the core of the otherwise beeswax textured fruit. More citrus along with meadow flowers, candied ginger, toffee and an almost loam-like note crowd the palate. Over time, the fresh citrusy flavours apparent in youth will develop into dried fruits and toasty characters which promise to be equally delightful.

$120 per 6 Pack
$20 per Bottle
The Noble Prankster Chardonnay Semillon Viognier 2015
Artist: Alex Kemp
Artist: Alex Kemp
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