The Piceous Lodestar Single Vineyard Shiraz 2012

The Story Behind The Name

A lodestar is something on which your attention is fixed, and the piceous, pitch black nature of this wine is certain to keep your focus until the bottle is finished.

The Characteristics

First impressions are of a loud concoction of violets, fennel, chocolate, plums and earth. The palate is big and concentrated, offering up decadent amounts of cocoa, liquorice and soil which gently surrender to finer elements of violets and pepper as the palate progresses. Firm emery-like tannins add infinite presence and power. A generous amount of time in your decanter or even more so in your cellar, will ensure that all of the aforementioned fruit characters will be exposed, tempering the sheer weight of tannin.

$594 per 6 Pack
$99 per Bottle
The Piceous Lodestar Single Vineyard Shiraz 2012
Artist: Jos Valdman
Artist: Jos Valdman
per 6 pack (6 pack)
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