The Sardanapalian Single Vineyard Shiraz 2012

The Story Behind The Name

Sardanapalus was the last king of Nineveh, known for his decadence. This wine has excessively luxurious, sensual fruit and length, making it a wine fit for a king.

The Characteristics

There is no coincidence that this wine has five 'a's' in its name and also receives a AAAAA rating from us. Decadent, full of luxurious perks and effeminate, mirroring the last King of Assyria, Sardanapalus. Opulently fruity and spicy, an endearing mix of raspberry, jube, mulberry, pepper, plums and cherry ripe. The palate, exhibits more of the same with additional notes of mustard seed, black olive, liquorice and fennel. As for mouthfeel, Sardanapalus would undoubtedly love indulging in the medium bodied, silky texture of this wine. An extravagantly long name for an extravagantly long wine.

$594 per 6 Pack
$99 per Bottle
The Sardanapalian Single Vineyard Shiraz 2012
Artist: Jason Chatfield
Artist: Jason Chatfield
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