The Eight Iron Single Vineyard Shiraz 2012

The Story Behind The Name

Shaped like a golf club on a steep south facing block, the vineyard is roughly as wide as a decent hit with an eight iron.

The Characteristics

The Eight Iron is a tightly knitted wine that requires a little coaxing to get to know its true character. Be this through natural evolution over time or via a healthy amount of aeration, you can start to see the finer nuances that make this vineyard such a consistent performer. Notes of anise and red liquorice are gently accompanied by spicy pepper and pretty lavender overtones, enticingly complemented by complex compost and earthy flavours. There is an ironstone like core of fruit that pulses through the entire palate that truly defines this wine. The vibrant line of acid and fine grainy tannins conjure memories of crunching into fresh pomegranate seeds. Not an overwhelmingly rich wine in youth, but with a concentration and structure that hint towards a long and expressive life.

$594 per 6 Pack
$99 per Bottle
The Eight Iron Single Vineyard Shiraz 2012
Artist: Glen Le Lievre
Artist: Glen Le Lievre
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