The Amaranthine Single Vineyard Shiraz 2012

The Story Behind The Name

Amaranthine; to an artist it is a deep purple-red on his palette. To the wordsmith, eternally beautiful and unfading; everlasting. To fourth generation winemaker Chester Osborn, it is a wine that encapsulates both; a deep red beauty that's appeal will last a lifetime.

The Characteristics

This is a wine of grand proportions, dense, concentrated and brooding. As the wine breathes, dark fruits and earthy notes ooze out. The d’Arenberg connoisseur will immediately draw the connection between this wine and The Dead Arm. Blackberry, plum, fennel, game and soil characters ebb and flow through the ever changing bouquet. The raft of flavours are as complex as the mix of aromas and are amply supported by a rich, generous mouthfeel and wealth of solid yet seamlessly textured tannins. These tannins add extra weight to the mid palate and drive the wine to a long, cedary finish. A structure that demands time but even now does not appear clumsy or unbalanced given the concentration of the wine.

$594 per 6 Pack
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The Amaranthine Single Vineyard Shiraz 2012
Artist: David Blumenstein
Artist: David Blumenstein
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