The Blewitt Springs Grenache 2010

The Story Behind The Name

This part of McLaren Vale was surveyed by William Greig Evans who noted the many natural springs. The Blewitt part of the title was in honour of his wife, whose maiden name was Blewitt.

The Characteristics

The 2010 Blewitt Springs Grenache draws texture and depth from this classic, even vintage, whilst its elegance and minerality are hallmarks of the cooler Blewitt Springs district. Initially, the bouquet is slightly closed and surprisingly dark, shot with peaty notes and gamey undertones. A little air quickly liberates the wealth of red and blue fruits bound up within. From this point forth, despite its age, everything appears bright and vibrant, both on the nose and the palate. The mouthfeel is marked by a tantalising acidity and fine, gritty tannins, which further boost the life of this wine. Waves of raspberry, blueberry, mulberry and blackcurrant swim through generous mid palate and then cling onto the gritty tannins to ensure that the flavours ride all the way to a long finish.

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The Blewitt Springs Grenache 2010
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